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What is Mediapoint Scotland?

Mediapoint delivers Press Association Scotland's agenda-setting news and sports wires, together with other invaluable content, direct to your desktop in real time. It has been designed specifically with the Agency's media customers in mind.

Do I have to pay for the service?

Yes. After you have requested further information, you will be contacted by an Account Manager who will be able to identify your requirements and provide you with information on the costs involved.

How do I subscribe?

Please subscribe here. You will be contacted by an Account Manager who will be able to deal with your subscription request.

Forgotten Password

Use the forgotten password page. You will receive an email with a new automatically generated password. Once you have logged in you can alter your password to something more memorable using the change password page. If you are unable to remember your login name, please contact us.

Change Password

Use the change password page when you are logged in.

Saved searches and emails

You can save up to 20 sets of search terms and then run them at any time by going to the saved searches page. You can modify saved searches, delete them or choose whether they should trigger an email when content is added to Mediapoint Scotland that matches the terms. You can choose whether emails are triggered at regular intervals or the moment matching content is added. One of your saved searches can also be made the default, which means you will see any results of that search whenever you login to the site.

To create a saved search, use the advanced search page. The search results page includes a form to save your search.

Advanced search form

The advanced search form allows you to narrow down your search criteria by adding a number of extra parameters. You can search for words or exact phrases, exclude words and limit results to a range of dates. You can also choose to search a regional wire instead of national content. National content includes all The Press Association's stories, along with editorials, central Government announcements and press releases. By choosing a regional wire you can limit the search to news stories and government announcements of interest to a specific region.

Topics and keywords

Stories are categorised by topics and keywords. You can narrow your search by choosing from a list of topics which sort stories into groups such as CITY or DEFENCE. Keywords can be used to narrow your search further. For example, you may be interested in court cases involving footballers, in which case you can use the news search form to search for stories with the topic "COURTS" and keywords that start with "Football".

Time period covered by the site

You are able to access material from the last 30 days.

Can I access other Press Association Products such as Media Lawyer?

This depends on what level of access you have and whether the additional services are included in your account. If you do not have permissions to access a particular product, contact us for further advice.


UK Newswire: today's news of national importance shown in running order with pictures.

Picture Wire: all pictures that have run on the Press Association Images wire today. Pictures are presented with their captions and can be downloaded in hi-res format.

Business & Finance: today's financial news of national importance.

National & Regional Wires: today's news specifically relating to the nine English regions, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

International: today's international news.

Schedules & Diaries

First Editions: the top stories in today's daily newspapers.

Wire Extra

Government News: news releases from central and regional government. The content can also be displayed by government department.

Community Newswire: a joint initiative between the Press Association and The Media Trust, funded by The Home Office. Community Newswire provides a voice for charities and the voluntary sector in England.

Press Releases: original text stories delivered by press release distribution companies on behalf of their customers.


The Press Association's searchable multimedia diary gives details of upcoming news events months in advance, updated live by hundreds of journalists across the UK.

It gives precise information about each event and indicates whenever possible how the Press Association plans to cover it - for pictures, video and words. (Please note, the allocation of a team does not guarantee coverage).

Users can browse by Topic Group (Politics, Entertainment, City, Courts etc), Region (North West, Scotland, South East etc), and Type of Media (text only, pictures only, video only). The quick search also offers immediate access to the diary for today, tomorrow and for the next 30 days.

Additionally, the advanced search offers a date range option allowing users to find events months in advance, and a full text search to hone in on a name or word associated with a particular event.

For more information about using the diary or any of the events, please contact the Newsdesk using the email link provided.

Other Services

Media Lawyer: Media Lawyer is a bi-monthly legal journal and website that provides a round-up of key media law events and developments for all working in the industry. Access to subscribers only.

Picselect: Press Association's publicity image distribution service, providing access to material from a wide cross section of companies, ranging from art organisations through to film distributors and government departments.

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